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    Date de l'annonce : 05-03-2020
      Référence : TEOF_100320


    2. Specific tasks 

    1. A.     HIV case identification-
    • Design and implement strategies to enhance testing efficiencies and improve testing yield across Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) supported health facilities in the three focus regions of Northwest, Southwest and West.
    • Conduct site specific analysis of HIV Testing Services (HTS) performance data and rank facilities in order of priority for implementation of the enhanced HTS Technical Assistance (TA) support.
    • Support the adaptation of curriculum and conduct of training workshops on efficient case identification strategies including reinforcing HIV risk screening, index case testing optimization.
    • Develop and implement a regional supervision strengthening plan to ensure efficient testing and client retention & Support the planning and conduct of the training workshop on adolescent HIV case finding strategies.
    1. B.     Transition to TLD in the three focus regions
    • In line with the national roll-out TLD plan, lead the process for planning and the roll out of TLD across CBCHS supported health facilities in close collaboration with the CBCHS team.
    • Support the training of multi-disciplinary team of service providers on antiretroviral therapy (ART) optimization and TLD transition.
    1. C.     Clinical Systems mentorship program for HIV service providers at CBCHB supported sites 
    • Work with CBCBHB site teams to enhance clinical systems that will improve client retention and viral suppression in supported facilities
    • Support facility data reviews to identify gaps in client retention and implement strategies to improve tracking outcomes & Work with CBCHB site teams to institute multi-month scripting/multi month dispensing MMS/MMD at the supported sites
    • Support CBCHB teams to offer gender-based violence (GBV), adolescent and youth friendly services in supported regions.
    1. D.     Use Total Quality Leadership and Accountability (TQLA) approach to achieve results under strategies 1 to 3 and build capacity of local partners in TQLA
    2. Support the planning of the TQLA training workshop and work to ensure the successful implementation of facility specific TQLA plans developed by the site teams
    3. Provide TA support to strengthen the capacity of CBCHS and facility leadership teams to use data to plan, adopt local solutions to strategically resource and address development challenges, and assume accountability towards improving results.
    4. Liaise with key national stakeholders, CBCHB project leadership and other staff to ensure accomplishment of specified deliverables
    5. Support the reporting of key indicators, daily review meetings and use of dashboard for management decision

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    Contrat : CDI
    Disponibilité : Immédiate
    Lieu de travail : Bafoussam - Cameroun
    Expérience demandée : 60 mois


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