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    Deadline : 30-01-2018
      Reference : ITO_3001184


    1. Main Duties and Responsibilities

    - Ensuring strict implementation of IT procedures as shall be defined by the IT Directorate.

    - Ensuring a smooth functioning of the Banking Software, e-banking platform and mobile banking app at all times.

    - Attributing specific modules of the Banking Software to recruited employees.

    - Troubleshooting all IT related issues.

    - Maintaining hardware and software.

    - Responsible for IT audits using firewalls, intrusion prevention applications, content filters.

     - Working with the IT Director to propose, agree and deliver IT service to defined (SLAs).

    - Managing IT projects.

     - Reviewing of IT security management processes and procedures.

     - Developing functional specifications for Monitoring and improving systems performance.

    - Assisting internal and external audits of specific incidents.

    2. Key Skills and Attributes

    - At least a first degree (or its equivalent) in Hardware and/or Software engineering.

    - At least 3 years of relevant IT experience.

    - Knowledge of the functioning of any Banking Application/Software.

    - Bilingual in English and French.

    - Developed communication skills.

    - Bilingual in English and French.

    - Developed communication skills.

    Date limite: 28/02/2018


    Type contrat : CDI
    Disponibility : Immédiate
    Work place : Douala - Cameroun
    Experience : 36 month